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We’re excited about the unveiling of five mascot concepts. Visit the Mascot Search home page for a presentation of the five finalists and a chance to tell us what you think.

The deadline for completing the feedback survey is 5:00PM on Thursday, January 7, 2010.


Hope you like them,
– Susan T. Evans

The W&M Mascot Committee will unveil 5 mascot finalists tomorrow morning about 9AM at http://www.wm.edu/mascot.

Terry Driscoll, W&M Athletics Director and chair of the Mascot Committee, will be appearing on The Tide radio (92.3 FM) shortly after the announcement to discuss the five finalist concepts. Tune in to that interview which will be streamed live at http://tideradio.com/streaming.htm

Can’t wait to show you,
– Susan T. Evans

So what will you see when you finally see the five mascot finalists?


Torch Creative is finishing up the creation of black and white sketches for each of the five mascot concepts. The main focus in each drawing will be “the head.” The “bodies” of each mascot idea will be represented in the sketches but they will not be as fully developed as the “heads.”

Keep in mind, you will be seeing concept drawings. Here is a sketch, created by Eric Pesola of the Alumni Association, of President Taylor Reveley. This black and white sketch will give you an idea of what you’ll see when you see.
created by Eric Pesola

More soon,
– Susan T. Evans

Soon, the five Tribe mascot finalists will be unveiled. We are anxious to get your feedback on the options because you, yes you!, can help us create a great Tribe mascot.

I followed the Roanoke College mascot search and this page describes how “public feedback was used to improve the initial concept.” Likewise, Tribe – your thoughts will contribute to the success of the final mascot!

We are finishing up a survey that shows images of each of the five drawings and asks you to respond to a few questions about each of the five. The survey will look something like this:

Mascot Idea #1 – Name Here
Description will be here. More of the description. Even more of the description.

I get it! It’s easy to see the connection between this mascot idea and the unique history and traditions of William & Mary.

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Somewhat agree
  • Disagree
  • Somewhat disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Stay tuned!

– Susan T. Evans

Ebirt has something to say.

William & Mary’s mascot emeritus spoke out recently about the Tribe mascot search.

Read Ebirt’s blog post.

– Susan T. Evans

The Final Five

The final five mascot ideas will be revealed on the Mascot Search website before December 15.

The talented folks at Torch Creative are currently working on drawings of the five finalists. Along with the final five, we’ll offer a link to a survey so that you can tell us what you think.

– Susan T. Evans

The Mascot Search Committee welcomes three new members who are student athletes at William & Mary. We are very fortunate to have a total of seven students on our committee.

  • Sarah Louie ’10 represents Field Hockey.
  • From Women’s Tennis, say hello to Carmen Pop ’10.
  • And, from Men’s Cross Country, we now have graduate student Charles Swartz.

– Susan T. Evans

Professor Katherine Kulick was kind enough to send me a link to a blog post from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The post could serve as useful data for a mascot search committee.

Entitled “When Picking Mascots, Go Inanimate,” the post provides evidence that teams with inanimate mascots have a higher percentage of victories.

I like it that W&M faculty are even watching out for our mascot search!

-Susan T. Evans

Thanks @lskravy.

I found out from her tweet that William & Mary’s mascot search is currently featured on the msn.com home page. Nice.

Here’s the more permanent link – Search: College mascot updates

Follow @williamandmary, @wmnews and @wmmascot – you’ll find out all kinds of stuff.

– Susan T. Evans

Earlier this week, we infused the Mascot Search Committee with four new students. There’s nothing better for a campus committee than adding William & Mary students to the mix. Our newest members are:

  • Brittany Fallon ’11
  • Brian Focarino ’11
  • Chase Hathaway ’10
  • Sarah Rojas ’10

Shout out to Sara Greene ’09 and Tom Yake ’09! These two even participated beyond their graduation last May; now we call them emeritus members 😉 Gracias Sara and Tom.

– Susan T. Evans

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