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Mascot Search on YouTube – a P.S.

P.S. The mascot search committee salutes Spencer Milne, director of ticket operations in W&M Athletics. Spencer produced the featured video on the Mascot Search YouTube site. Spencer also plays a cameo role – can you guess which one? – Susan T. Evans 

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The William & Mary Mascot Search on YouTube

There’s nothing quite like a little mascot video … >> http://www.youtube.com/wmmascot – Susan T. Evans

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I love old pictures.

We’ve been working on a mascot update for the June issue of the award-winning Alumni Magazine. We thought it would be fun to include an old photo of a former W&M mascot. Amy Schindler, guest blogger here and university archivist extraordinaire, did some digging yesterday and I think we have something fun and interesting. Watch […]

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BOV Committee on Athletics

Terry Driscoll and I gave a quick report on the Mascot Search to the BOV Committee on Athletics. There was a lot of interest in all of you – those who have followed our search via this blog, facebook, twitter and our website. Here are some stats of interest: 50% of the 85 official mascot […]

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Mascot Search Committee Meeting – April 9

The Mascot Search Committee met last Thursday. The committee reviewed the communication activity to date and spent some time talking about the social networking tools we are using to keep all of you informed. Communication stats (# of hits, blog comments, etc.) are included in the committee notes. We also established a subcommittee to begin reviewing the mascot […]

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On the agenda.

The search for a W&M mascot was on the agenda at last week’s meeting of the communications committee of the board of trustees for the W&M Foundation. I gave a brief update to an enthusiastic group of alumnae.  I also offered a summary of the past month’s activity on the mascot communication front. – Susan T. Evans

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Lars and Oz

After learning about the mascot search, two William & Mary alums sent some valuable advice to the committee. Here’s a summary of recommendations that Lars Thorn and Oz Parvaiz included in a recent email message to Athletic Director Terry Driscoll and Interim VP for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler: 1.  Build Community Consensus:  In addition to […]

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