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Archive for September, 2009

W&M signed a contract with Torch Creative

William & Mary has signed a contract with a Dallas-based company called Torch Creative. Soon, the firm will prepare pen and ink drawings of a few mascot concepts. Torch Creative specializes in team branding and corporate identity. The company’s client list includes several colleges and universities including George Washington University and Vanderbilt University. Follow Torch […]

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“In Committee” – part 5

“Could we get something just a little bit different?” The Mascot Search Committee met again last week for more consideration of W&M Tribe mascot ideas. One theme that surfaced (and resurfaced) is that William & Mary deserves something different. There was a lot of discussion about how important it is for the W&M mascot be […]

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Are you ready for some football?

Flat Hat reporter Matt Poms caught up with W&M Athletic Director Terry Driscoll. They talked about the coming football season and the mascot search. Read what Terry had to say when asked for “…a sneak preview of any potential finalists” http://flathatnews.com/blog/39/press-box/71242 – Susan T. Evans

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