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Share your mascot memories

Cool, look what your friendly university archivist added to the Swem Special Collections Research Center wiki. Amy Schindler provides a way for you to “share your mascot memories.” The SCRC Wiki page for the W&M Mascot Did you spend part of your William and Mary years as one of the mascots or know someone who did? Do […]

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lions and tigers and bears, oh my

No surprise – a lot of animals were suggested as mascots for the W&M Tribe. By way of summary … dogs, birds, birds of prey, wolves, horses, bears, fish, antelope, deer, cows, foxes, goats, ducks, oxen, sheep, squirrels, whale, wombats, mongoose, wooly mammoth, bobcat, crabs, meerkats, bison And this doesn’t include the mythical creatures we […]

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Thank you to the Tribe.

We’ve been reporting on the great response from William & Mary alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends … and now we also say, “Thank you!”Not surprisingly, when a call goes out to the William & Mary family, the response is immediate. And in this case, email and online communities allowed the mascot search committee to […]

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We topped 800!

The three-month submission period for W&M Tribe mascot ideas paid off as more than 800 individuals from 44 states and the District of Columbia offered suggestions. Alumni submitted about 50% of the ideas and current students represented about 20%. Regardless of the submitter, the suggestions were accompanied by compelling (and intriguing) reasons why their mascot […]

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Subcommittees – divide and conquer.

Earl Granger, Nancy Mathews and I are members of the subcommittee charged with taking a first pass through the mascot ideas and evaluating them against the criteria set back in March. We met once in May and our second meeting was June 30, 2009. We eliminated 85 submissions: 26 related to Indians and were eliminated because they are not consistent […]

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